About us

The PROPIEL project was born as a social demand for help to people with the stigmatized disease dermatosis. After various studies and tests have shown that the product base allows us to direct our efforts to other needs and skin diseases.

PROPIEL is a newly created proprietary product whose base, by commodity PSORIAPIEL health, both in Spain and internationally, is one hundred percent natural and prevents skin diseases, especially psoriasis. It was made of cream for distribution in the best laboratories of cosmetics worldwide.

PROPIEL can be sold in pharmacies. It hits the market because of the demand for a worldwide need for effective natural product that helps combat PSORIASIS, since the drugs currently exist and which are ineffective for the treatment thereof, contain components such as corticosteroids or addictive substances harmful as parabens.

PROPIEL as a natural product has been tried and tested in many affected people, all of them showing improvement from the first application, which has proved effective as statements and checks in them, he found a notary. Currently they are conducted by dermatologists, and treated with the cream made for marketing, clinical trials of its effectiveness in the scientific community.

We are an emerging company, PSORIAPIEL HEALTH, SL, with offices and operations center in Calle General Tamayo 1 04001 Almeria, Andalucia, Spain, Europe.

Product factory is located in Murcia and in our desire to do things well, we are in cooperation with Association of Consumers and Users, Consumeralia Europe which cater to all your questions on Freephone and the info email @ propiel. com