The PROPIEL Group has been created in order to meet the demands and needs of people suffering from skin conditions.

PROPIEL GROUP is made up three companies whose common and sole objective is to ensure quality and excellence throughout the process.

The PSORIAPIEL SALUD is the international patent holder of the product whose composition is 100% natural and was designed for skin prone to psoriasis. After several years of research we noticed that the properties of the patented formula allows us to treat other skin conditions.

Through the laboratories of our manufacturer R & D (research and development) department, which originated our first product, PROPIEL cream and where the new formats of the same product are continually developed. It is also where we expand our range of natural products, and treatments for various disorders in the field of dermatology. For example, lotion, shower gel and hair shampoo which will soon be released on to the market.

PSORIAPIEL SALUD has become a trading company contacting large distribution companies so that different countries are able to market PROPIEL products using the trade mark if they have the exclusive rights.

EUROPERMANENT COSMETIC is the manufacturer of PROPIEL. The company has to its credit as being considered one of the most prestigious laboratories of cosmetics in Europe together with the certificates of ISO Quality Management (ISO 9001), Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO 22716), Environmental Respect (ISO 14001), and Research, Development and Innovation in cosmetics, (UNE 166002) as well as the packaging production and design, all of which guarantee the optimal conditions of PROPIEL as a dermocosmetic product manufacture of the highest quality.

PROPIEL SALUD, is the company formed by professionals from the medical, legal, computer and online sales world. PROPIEL SALUD is the precursor of GROUP PROPIEL, who draws up international contracts, PROPIEL product designs for different traders, and who has created the website where we sell without competence to distributors and traders, initially in Europe, offering a medical service of consultancy in which users can submit questions regarding the product and its application.

The prevalence of psoriasis is estimated to around 2% in the world according to WHO report (2013). In Europe, estimates vary widely from country to country. They range between 2.2% in the UK and 8.5% in Norway, and 3.1% in Italy and 5.2% in France 1. In particular, the estimated prevalence in Spain (2.3%) means that 1,080,000 of people in our country are diagnosed with psoriasis.

Atopic dermatitis affects 3% of adults and is considered the most widespread chronic disease in childhood, affecting almost 20% of children in western society. Recent scientific literature suggests that the global prevalence of SENSITIVE SKIN has increased in recent years.

Among its findings are erythema and scaling, and the characteristics of associated processes (dermatitis, psoriasis ...). A study in several European countries has revealed that 37.6% has “sensitive skin”. In Spain, this disease affects about 11 million of the population.